Candlestick Pattern Creator

XPertTrader has a Candlestick Pattern Creator that allows users to create their own Candlestick patterns.

Patterns can be created on Daily, Weekly, or Monthly candles.

Point & Click, there is no complex code writing.

(1) Add Your Candles

You can easily point-and-click to add candles.

White, Black, or Neutral (either black or white, e.g. Candle 2) candles can be added.

The candles' body and tails can be dragged to size. You can set the relative position of a candle's Open/ High/ Low/ Close to another candle.

In this example, we have created a triangle pattern based on weekly candles to look for stocks where the trading range shrinks for 3 weeks until a breakout occurs (Candle 4).

(2) Run Screener

The candle pattern above is saved as a filter and run through the stock screener.


Click on the screened results to display the chart.


The screener can be configured to set additional date, price, or market filters.

Candlestick Pattern Stock Screener

(3) Screened Results

Upon clicking the screened results, the chart is displayed.

As per the filter rules (in grey), the stock had a declining trading range for 3 weeks until a breakout occured in the 4th week.





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Candlestick Screener Results


XPertTrader - Easy Point & Click Candlestick Pattern Creation for Stock Screening.