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XPertTrader has a powerful point-and-click Backtester that allows users to robustly test their trading system.

What is a trading system?

A trading system involves a comprehensive set of rules that determine Buying, Selling, Stops, and Money Management.

XPertTrader packages all the above into a point-and-click tool that allows subscribers to back-test and optimize their trading system.

There is no complex code writing.


The XPertTrader Backtester is an easy to use, point-and-click tool.

Subscribers are able to create and optimise their own trading strategies easily.


As shown on the right, performance statistics are shown as a summary, individual backtested trades can also be selected to view further details


As detailed below, the trading and money management rules can be quickly selected to create a robust trading system.




Trading System Back Tester w Profitable Results

(1) Select Buy and Sell rules

The rules created from the Rules Composer can be selected for back-testing.


In this example, our Buy rule is when Price crosses over the 20 Day Moving Average. Further details to this Buy rule can be customized as shown on the right.










Our Sell rule is when the Price declines 5% over a period of 5 days.


Back testing Buy RuleTrading System Back Tester Sell Rule

(2) Select Capital, Market, and Testing Timeframe

The Buy and Sell rules are selected as shown.

The starting capital, the market, and the testing timeframe are available for selection.




Apart from the US (AMEX, NASDAQ, & NYSE), additional data modules - China (Shanghai & Shenzhen), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand stock market EOD data are also available.


Backtesting General Screen

(3) Customize Money Management, Portfolio, Stops

The General tab allows Price, Volume, and Stock Lot size filters to be configured.


The Price Trigger selection reflects the reality of your trading method. For EOD traders, they may only be execute on the Open of the next day, which may be a very different price from the trigger due to stock gapping. XPertTrader Backtesting thus reflects very real world conditions.



The Money Management tab similarly allows you to back-test based on the reality of your trading method of capital and profits allocation - by fixed $ or % allocation.


Other tabs allow to further customize max positions, simultaneous positions, Take Profit, and Stop Loss rules.












To run the Backtester, click on Start Backtesting




Results are shown in a user-friendly summary. Individual trades can also be double-clicked to show the trading period and P/L.







XPertTrader Backtester - Test and Optimize Your Trading System; Develop Brand New Trading Systems Now

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