White Label and Black Box Trading Solutions

Black-Box Solutions for Stock Education Trainers

Started in 2004, ChartNexus is a successful financial markets Stock Charting and Investor Education Training Solutions company.

We create black-box stock trading web-based applications for Trainers. We provide trading systems for dozens of Trainers.

A Trainer is a person with a proprietary trading system. We package this trading system for him under his own corporate branding. He then conducts his own education seminars and marketing to educate his clients. His clients subscribe to his trading/ education application for trade alerts from his system.

We have a website and mobile version of this application. Our mobile version also has an additional Communicator function that allows the Trainer to communicate with clients.

We are extremely successful in this product line, our Trainers licence tens of thousands of subscriptions from us. They are free to markup each licence to their clients accordingly.

Our cost for this black-box subscription service is extremely attractive. We understand it is not easy to start an education service.

Examples of Trainers We Provide Black-box Solutions For:

Reference Educators

Chartnexus Stock Training Education Partners

Our Investment Bank Partners

Chartnexus Investment Bank Partners

    For Institutions and Listed Companies, we provide:

    • Stand-alone, Web-based, and Mobile Charting Applications
    • Real-time Trade Alerts
    • Corporate Website stock prices, IR news, and corporate announcements management.


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