Who We Are

Started in 2004, ChartNexus is a successful financial markets Stock Charting and Investor Education Training solutions company.

A group of stock market investing friends found the market lacking an intuitive, user friendly, but yet powerful stock charting application that could screen out stocks daily and back-test new strategies. The options available were either too expensive or required difficult program coding to use.

We thus took on the challenge to develop a charting software that was:

(1) Point-and-Click Easy to Use

(2) Functionally Relevant

(3) Comprehensive and

(4) Aesthetically Pleasing

The result?

ChartNexus - a powerful and intuitive, point-and-click stock charting software that is free for the basic charting tools with a subscription module, XPertTrader, for those seeking Advanced Stock Screening and Back-testing tools for Technical Indicators and Candlesticks.

15 years on, our over 100,000 retail users and over two dozen black-box stock trainers and about a dozen stockbroking institutions internationally are a testimony and validation that charting can be simple, user friendly, but yet an effective means to profitable stock trading.

For our Retail Users, we provide:

  • Stock Market Charting Applications
  • Stock Market Education and Training

For Stock Market Trainers, we provide:

  • Black-box trading and alerts solutions for Stocks and Forex
  • Communications platform for interacting with their subscribers
  • Back Office Licence Subscription Management

For institutions and listed companies, we provide:

  • Stand-alone, Web-based, and Mobile Charting Applications
  • Real-time Trade Alerts
  • Corporate Website stock prices, IR news, and corporate announcements management.


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