Backup - Working File - What is XPertTrader?

XPertTrader is a subscription based stock module of the basic ChartNexus Stock Charting platform.

XPertTrader has a powerful point-and-click Stock Screener that allows users to screen stocks from common categories like Price, Volume, Technical Indicator, and Candlestick. Users can customize their filters and combine across categories easily.

There is no complex code writing.

Price & Volume Stock Screening

For example, you can easily point-and-click a 1st Price filter - "Prices at Historical High <500Days>" and then add a 2nd Volume filter - "Volume Increase <75%> in the last <3Days>".


You can then screen for stocks that meet these 2 criteria.

Customized Parameters

The various numerical or date parameters can be fully personalized.

The parameters of <75%> and <3Days> in the example above can be changed to <155%> and <6Weeks> as you see fit.

Technical & Candle Stick Screening

More complicated filters are also possible.

You can add a 3rd Technical Indicator filter like "RSI in Specified Range <70> to <85>" and a 4th Candlestick filter like "Bearish Engulfing pattern" to screen for stocks that meet your multi-criteria.


By way of example, the 3rd criteria is either of these 2 rules to show how XPertTrader can be further customized.

We have a large range of common Technical Indicators and Candlestick patterns that you can select for screening.

You can even create your own multi-candle pattern with our Candle Editor function.

Screened Results

Results are shown in a table. Click the stock name to display the chart.



Only XPertTrader allows such personalized filtering across Price + Volume + Indicator + Candlesticks.